The year is 2020. It’s a Friday night, a little after 9pm. Accra traffic is a slick monster that spits out cars in a stuttering formation as if it has a scratchy throat. Everybody is trying to get to a destination – home, awoshia, or drinks with boys boys. But not you. No, definitely not you. You are with 3 of your girlfriends, on the dance floor of a bar with just the right lighting – not too dim, not too bright. You’re in a fitting neon dress that accentuates your hips, with loose braids, glossed lips and silver pump heels, waiting impatiently for the music to enhance your mood. Five seconds pass by, an Afro pop-y song that starts with a slow percussion interspersed like the beat is on a mission to woo someone for the night. A harmonious chorus of ei ushers in a silky voice. It’s Feli Nuna’s Afro Magic song. You’re not even aware your body has started swaying to the song. Next thing you know, all four of you are dancing in rhythm. Hands point out, elbows go in, legs imitate the pattern, shoulders and hips move sideways like a puppeteer is up the ceiling, flesh happily wobbles. On the 2:02 mark, you’ve all memorized the chorus enough to sing along.

3y3 no f3 o
Me se 3y3 no f3 o
Boy says I give him afromagic
3y3 no f3 o
Me se 3y3 no f3 o
Boys says I give him afromagic
Ghana girl go down down go down down

And when that last line takes a spin, you all go as low as your knees can take you.

That’s the feeling I associate Feli Nuna’s afromagic with. A good song to have a good time! And I believe that is her marksmanship because a good chunk of her songs have an upbeat tempo and a high energy to match with it. Feli is a double edged-sword, a singer and a rapper, she delivers both superbly. I also love that she harmonizes local sounds – a lot of harmonies are oos and ees and ahhs and mms. But how many singers do you hear harmonizing “kpo kpo za”? She does it well and does it beautifully. I’m very interested to see what a collaboration between her and Gafacci will sound like. Gafacci is one of the best to incorporate local sounds seamlessly into beats. His electronic-afrobeats vibe + Feli’s versatility = a hit waiting to happen.

Speaking of double-edged swords – Jean Feier flames the edge. Star Baby on her Grand Theft Demo EP (dope title btw) is an immediate bop. As in, no delays, this is an emergency please. And the production is what started the fire. Hiphop is one of those genres that is heavily reliant on production to nail perfection. A lot of factors contribute to making a great song, – it could be lyrics, flow, melody, valence, tempo, energy – to mention a few. A good production does half of the job, and the musician does the other half with songwriting, flow and matching (or raising) the energy. Star boy, produced by Pilgrim is a stellar production. And Jean Feier matches the producer’s energy kpa for kpa. 

This is a workout /getting-over-your-ex /vim song /a song you put on to test your miming skills. If it’s not on your playlist, you’re slacking. You’re very welcome.

Written by @asantewawith1a

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