Ana Rose Colour
ANA ROSE [2018 Fellow]

Ana Rose is a singer/songwriter and guitarist, born to a Ghanaian father and Filipino mother. She creates multi-genre music with her guitar whilst pursuing her liberal arts degree at Pomona College.She is inspired by artists such as Birdy, Daughter, Simi and Daniel Caesar. She hopes to release solo music of her own later this year.

Benumah - Colour
BENUMAH [2018 Fellow]

Benumah is an interdisciplinary artist of Ghanaian descent brought up in Sydney, Australia. She has worked creatively between Sydney, Accra, and New York since 2012 granting her a unique sense of humour, aesthetic, keen observation and skills. Aside from performing, she has spent the last 5 years choreographing and stage-managing over 15 productions for Ghana’s leading theatre company.She is driven by the concept of “challenging the single story” of Africa through continental Africans in diaspora and their experiences. She thinks and writes about the concept of Blackness, the constructs of race and how they shape a life, creating work that is entertaining, aesthetically pleasing and discussion prompting.

Boham Colour
BOHAM [2018 Fellow]

Boham likes to think of herself a storyteller who employs music, poetry and spoken word in delivering a message. Most of my work revolves around the themes of feminism, womanhood and social constructs. She is enthralled by knowledge and is always trying to gather more of it, especially in areas of comparative religion and history. She hopes to reach a point where her voice is influential enough to create the change that the world needs.

C Note Colour
C NOTE [2018 Fellow]
Quayba Colour

Quayba is a singer, songwriter and performer born and raised in Ghana. Having fallen in love with music at the tender age of four she has gone on to pursue a career in music gradually garnering a devout following in the Ghanaian musicscape and even beyond. With a voice that is best described as beautiful, soulful and honest she is bound to transport you to a place of love and life, themes that are very prominent in her music. Her sound is an eclectic mix of all things afro from highlife to Afrobeat and influences from pop, rock, funk and hip-hop but maintains a devoutedly soul-styled genre at the heart of all her music. She calls this cocktail of sounds Contemporary Highlife but a more precise description of Quayba’s style is Afrosoul.

Raes Colour

Raes is a classically-trained vocalist and songwriter whose sound is fueled by introspection and vulnerability. Her music is a unique blend of multi-genre influences ranging from 90’s R&B and Neo Soul to new wave alternative African music. After she discovered her passion for music in high school, she spent years performing in musical theatre, choir and taking private voice and piano lessons to improve her craft. Drawing on the vibrant energy she derives from live performance, she enjoys experimenting with a mixture of soulful instrumentation and bright melodies.

RIA BOSS [2017 Fellow]

Born Maria Emmanuelle Grace Bossman-Damiba in London, singer Ria Boss sprouted her wings through childhood in Accra, Ghana, found flight and life lessons in New York City and found healing and herself in Los Angeles. A caat mama, a lover and unapologetic in her vulnerabilities, she hopes to encourage women to find strength in their darkness so their true light can shine.

ADOMAA [2017 Fellow]

The Ghananian- Nigerian Joy Onyinyechukwu Adomaa Serwaa Adjeman (stage name Adomaa) is a young, positive and passionate multi-talented singer, actress and model. She brings a refreshing new surge of unique artistry to the world of Ghanaian music, with her personal style – an eclusive melange of jazz, soul highlife and Afrobeat which she terms Afro-Jazz, with a voice that may sound sweet and light, but has the ability to reach into the depths of the listeners.

BK7A1143 edit
Poetra Asantewa is an Accra- based poet, writer, vocalist and spoken word artist. Her work, both as a performer and youth mentor, engages issues of feminism, inequality and mental health in her community. She has participated in internationally acclaimed workshops organized by Femrite (2013) and Farfina Trust (2016), has partnered with the nonprofit LoveRocks to lead educational program for youth and is a 2016 OneBeat fellow.

CINA SOUL [2017 Fellow]

Christie Quincyna Quarcoopome known on stage as Cina Soul is the new face of the neo-soul genre in Ghana. After participating in the Vodafone Icons in 2014. She has made a name for herself and created a refreshing sound by choosing to write songs in the Ga language. Her ability to transition from her comfort zone to more risque, up tempo songs lays bare her undeniable talent.

DZYADZORM [2017 Fellow]

Dzyadzorm is a spoken word poet of Ghanaian Liberian heritage well known for her intense and captivating presence on stage, Her poetry encapsulates her growth and life experiences in the areas of romance, femininity, identity, spirituality etc. She is the founder and creative director of Kpodola, a one-stop spoken word and poetry portal for artists in Ghana.

MS FU [2017 Fellow]

Fu is a modern, daring, paradoxal, slightly arrogant, and fun rapper and poet built locally with a strong global appeal. She takes inspiration from the globe and puts herself into it, forming her product first for the world. Her brand is built around a dynamic use of rap talent and style. Fu’s music is themed around art mastery, social issues, family, self confidence, and mastery of life.

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