Art plays a critical role in every society. For one, it serves as a bridge between people and their means of survival. Music takes a person’s life, their hope, their raw, unfiltered pain, and turns it into something beautiful.

In Ghana, as in much of the world, the ratio of female artists to male artists is highly imbalanced. A poll carried out in 2010 revealed that out of 20 active spoken word artists, only 3 of them were women. In 2016, out of 40 active spoken word artists, only 8 of them are women. On the larger art scale, men still dominate every sector; there are more male singers, poets, rappers, musicians, and painters than there are women.

We need more female voices; no one can tell the female story better than an actual female, and diverse narratives are needed to create truly beautiful art that will mark the soul. If we keep looking at only one portion of humanity, we will never see the big picture.

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