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Our Audio Visual Initiative

You Are Cared For (YACF) is an audio visual initiative of Black Girls Glow, that aims to use art and pop culture as a sexual health advocacy tool. Teenage pregnancy in Ghana has increased by a huge percentage in the last 4 years. “Teenage pregnancy” is the all-encompassing term, but girls as young as 9 years old are getting pregnant in huge numbers, year after year in Ghana.

Spanning across a range of topics including sexual harassment, sex anatomy, menstruation, consent, sexual reproductive anatomy, masturbation, contraception, sex and relationships, pregnancy, STIs, and safe sex, YACF will use art and pop culture to create tone specific and culture inclusive material. We aim to use both traditional and digital tools and media as a means of creating educational content. The objective of this project is to make easily accessible and consumable sexual health educational content for different age groups, and by so doing increase awareness, arm people with the knowledge they need to know, reduce the risk of unwanted pregnancy, STIs, sexual exploitation and other negative elements related to sex and sexuality.


We want to create more programs and opportunities that give women artists room to grow. Your support will help greatly with supplementing the cost of organizing the residency, paying staff and stretching the depth of our creativity and its impact on our individual communities. Subscriptions will bring us closer to sustainability.

THANK YOU to everyone subscribing and sharing! We love you!


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