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Singer, Adjefa is a shy black girl who sings and writes as a form of self-expression. It took her years to grow into being comfortable enough to express herself and is invested in honing her gift into a skill that not only serves her but others as well. Ghanaian society significantly trivializes sexual assault and misconduct, feeding into rape culture. Adjefa is passionate about the work that has to be done to end rape culture.



Tryphena is a poet with the graceful gift of creating a reality that not only feeds and grows her but challenges her to question the world around her and to think beyond a socially constructed reality. Being a journalist, the increasing number of cases of sexual abuse and miscarriage influences her interest in focusing on those issues, as well as highlighting motherhood in its entirety with great emphasis on dealing with loss.


Rapper and singer-songwriter Elsie Raad was raised on music, her mother being a rapper herself, and an artist uncle. Music has always been her go-to – a safe place, an inspiration, a reason to keep on. She’s passionate about highlighting parental irresponsibility and negligence, and how it affects the childhood of a lot of children.

Elsie Raad


KiKie is a singer-songwriter, a poet, and plays the ukulele. Being the lovechild of two worship singers, it is no surprise that she inherited the music gene. As an Architectural Studies major, it’s not far off that her approach to life is to weave a new thread to add to the ever-growing tapestry of wonder, beauty, and intellect. She strongly believes in collaboration and is passionate about a project that pairs individuals with different skills and ideas together to create something new or reboot an existing idea.


Singer-songwriter & Poet – Raphaela started singing when she was 9. The thing that motivates her about being an artist, is knowing that there’s no expiry date on her creativity – that it remains a tap that never runs out. She’s passionate about creating, contributing to, or being a part of anything that promotes love among women, and equality for women.



Yaa is a poet and art curator who writes as a form of mapmaking – a way to make sense of herself and document the interior lives of people. She is invested in stories of Black femme performance and understands art as a space for community, healing, and regeneration.