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Girl Atom is an inclusive community created to embrace self-discovery, personal growth, and the dynamic spirit that defines us. Each year, we organize events to nurture the inner girl within every individual, celebrating the playful essence that makes us who we are.

In March 2024, our inaugural event unfolded into a vibrant full-day affair. Immerse yourself in a haven where the spirit of girlhood is not only celebrated but cherished. Our carefully curated lineup of events offers a diverse range of enriching experiences. From insightful writing sessions to empowering mental health workshops, informative sexual health seminars and art workshops tailored for children, there is something for everyone.

Participate in meaningful discussions on career and life, where women from all walks of life converge to share insights and wisdom. Girl Atom climaxes into an open mic concert, where participants come together in celebration

More than just a series of events, Girl Atom is an initiative dedicated to creating safe space, amplifying voices, sparking creativity, and uplifting each other throughout the day. 

Welcome to a community where every participant, regardless of background, is encouraged to thrive


We want to create more programs and opportunities that give women artists room to grow. Your support will help greatly with supplementing the cost of organizing the residency, paying staff and stretching the depth of our creativity and its impact on our individual communities. Subscriptions will bring us closer to sustainability.

THANK YOU to everyone subscribing and sharing! We love you!


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