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Oihane Roach is a Soul/Alternative pop artist, invested in using her sound for transgenerational healing, empowerment, and liberation. She’s invested in developing an epic soulful sound that conveys strength as well as serenity.

Oihane Roach
Lindsey Abudei


Lindsey Abudei is a Nigerian-born singer-songwriter, improv vocal composer, recording, and performing artist influenced by diverse genres— Rock, Blues, Jazz, R&B & Classical — shaped into a genre-fluid, contemporary sound.

Her work is inspired by the human experience, the exploration of its spectrum — in our conversations with self and our communion with one another.

Lindsey is associated with various international projects; she is an RFI Prix Découvertes 2013 Awardee, a 2017 Art OMI Music Fellow, an alumna of

RBMA 2018, BANFF Jazz 2018 and Pop-Kultur Nachwuchs 2019. She is also a ColabNowNow 2019 Art Resident and a 2020 OneBeat Music Fellow.


Born Felicity Nketiah, AlaptaWan hails from Bolgatanga in the Upper East Region of Ghana and is based in Navrongo. She developed an interest in music from high school, and right after high school was signed on to Savannah records. She has since released tracks, performed in Ghana and Burkina Faso, and was nominated as the next rated act at the 2022 3Music awards, following 3 consecutive awards in the Upper East Music Awards from 2019 to 2021.

Alapta Wan
Lily Asia


Lily is an exceptionally creative soul that loves to translate the music in her mind into both instrumental and written form. 

With a European and African background, her music resonates with dynamic sounds, and her writing is inspired by growing up listening to Dido, Michael Jackson, Daft Punk, Enya, and Hillsong. There are subtle hints of each and more, with a touch of Afropop. She continues to explore the vast range of music genres.


Susan Augustt is an abundantly gifted singer who swings a seamless fluidity between genres and styles. She creates neo-afro-soul pieces poignantly blended with traditional Ghanaian music. Indigenous Ghanaian rhythms such as highlife, agbadza, and kpanlogo influence her fuse with the soul, lending their parts in crafting a unique live sound that takes listeners on a satisfying journey of culture and taste.

Susan Augustt
Lor Golden


Lor Golden is a rising star from Cameroon with an underlying gift to craft original lyrics derived from her experiences as a fierce, independent woman.

With influences from artists like Richard Bona and Erykah Badu, Lor discovered her passion for music at a young age.

Lor fuses Hip Hop, Afro Soul, and R&B with Cameroonian rhythms like Makossa, Bend-Skin, or Bikutsi to create a unique sound fuelled by an underlying desire to inspire female empowerment through the universal language of music.


Waliba Yaa Elizabeth known professionally as Lizmonn is a Nigerian-Ghanaian musician, songwriter, and creative.

She loves movies, reading, and singing. She is a Contemporary vocal artist. Her sound, mostly uplifting, consoling, and empowering the downhearted, serves its purposes with her artistry at different times.