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Our Residency


BGG KOSHKA residency, established in 2017 is an annual residency that leverages the collective gathering of women and the power of creating together to empower each woman involved to solve specific issues relevant to their communities. Our aim is to bring together women artists with the goal of creating content that is not defined by, or limited to the external boundaries imposed by the predefined, male-dominated structure of the music industry. The residency is held annually in July, followed closely by a concert and the release of a sound project created during the residency.


We want to create more programs and opportunities that give women artists room to grow. Your support will help greatly with supplementing the cost of organizing the residency, paying staff and stretching the depth of our creativity and its impact on our individual communities. Subscriptions will bring us closer to sustainability.

THANK YOU to everyone subscribing and sharing! We love you!


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